We provide afterschool tutoring for grades K – 12. Our volunteers can help students with a variety of subjects, and have experience assisting youth.


Our certified therapists offer family and individual therapy, providing critical emotional support and guidance through difficult times. They also provide referrals to psychiatrists and other doctors as needed.

Food & Clothing Bank

Our food bank is open 7 days a week and available to all. We allow each visitor to receive 4lbs of food a week and 5 days worth of clothing a month.


We provide temporary housing to abused, homeless, and foster foster children, as well as help children find resources for employment if they are of age, education, foster homes, and other critical resources for success.

Resume Building and Job Assistance

We help youth older enough for employment and their parents obtain gainful employment through resume building, mock interviewing, application assistance, and referrals to job openings.


Our screened, trained, and devoted volunteers offer personal support to the youth in our program. With a positive role model to follow, youth learn what to emulate, problem-solving skills, and have a trustworthy friend to consult in times of need.