Wings of Eagles is a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting youth with fun, educational activities and access to basic necessities. If we working together as a community, we can support those in need and help lead all of us to a brighter future.

In today’s world, the influences on our youth are greater than ever. Our children need positive role models, not only in their parents, but in numerous adults and their peers. They also need steady access to food, clothing, and shelter in order to grow into healthy adults. Wings of Eagles works to meet all of these needs to ensure our youth face the world with the support they need to succeed.

Wings of Eagles will be providing food, clothing, shelter, and social services for needy children and families in our community, ages 4-17. These services will include counseling and D.F.A.C, with the main goal being that they receive the resources and funds they need to stay in school, obtain jobs, and receive moral support. We will design after school programs for tutoring and counseling, as well as room and board for the homeless, unfortunate children, and foster children. We strive to make sure no child is left behind.